Whether it’s the purchase of a new home, the sale of a home/property, investing in property, facilitating you through a probate property process or the acquisition of commercial property, we bring a turnkey operation to your doorstep. Our value proposition includes industry best practice real estate consulting, contract negotiation, transaction management and business saavy.

Our motto is Imagine It (define your property vision), See It (set your property goals) and Own It (realize your property goals)!

marcMarc A. Dominguez

As a native of San Antonio, Texas, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else!

I graduated from MacArthur High School, and immediately enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. I served in Operations Desert Storm, Desert Shield, and Desert Saber.

Once honorably discharged, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Texas San Antonio and many years later, an MBA from Capella University. While I attended undergraduate and graduate school, I worked full time in transportation sales where I was professionally trained as a negotiator and relationship builder. I also proposed to and married a wonderful and beautiful woman, who has been phenomenal in her support of the pursuit of my dreams.

Because I spent 20 very successful years in sales, I gained much wisdom in negotiations tactics and dealing with the other party. But no matter how successful I was in my job, I still felt like something was missing. I wanted to help people like me by utilizing my skills and knowledge in a way that would better their lives.

Approximately four years ago, my wife and I made a life changing decision to start our own business in real estate so I could fulfill my desire to help others and be an entrepreneur. So, I obtained my real estate agent license and began working with Keller Williams in 2013. I firmly believe we made the right decision and absolutely love working with my clients and helping them in realizing all their real estate goals!!

monicaMonica R. Dominguez

Born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley, I grew up in a household that valued hard work, integrity and a drive to succeed.

After graduating in the top 2% of my high school class, I went on to study at UT Pan American. Within in three years, I had transferred to University of the Incarnate Word where I completed my Bachelors of Business Administration while working full time and being a full time single mom. Throughout all the challenge that I faced, I remembered what I learned as a child – Keep At It: Never give up in pursuit of your dreams.

In 2004, I married a courageous and loving man, Marc Dominguez who has brought so much happiness and completeness to my life. After we married, I enrolled and within two years received my MBA. I have traveled the world since then, with various employers and have enjoyed a broad education from top CEOs in building and providing unique value to clients.

So what do I bring to the table? My experience spans strategy management, customer relationship management, project management and a driver mentality – meaning, I don’t stop until I get the job done as my clients have defined it.

I have never failed in meeting a client’s goal!

I joined Marc in our Real Estate business recently with the intent of expanding our value proposition to our clients and with the sole purpose of enabling them to achieve their property asset needs.


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