1. Talk To Your Realtor – A business arrangement is only good if both parties are cooperating. If you are not satisfied with your realtor for any reason you should immediately schedule a face-to-face meeting to discuss your concerns. A good realtor will respect your honesty and work hard to rectify the situation, or alleviate your concerns. A hired employee deserves to get timely feedback from their boss. That is what a realtor needs from you the home owner.
  2. Review Your Listing Agreement – Depending on your listing agreement type, you may not be eligible to speak with other realtors until you are free from your current listing agreement. If you start speaking to other realtors prior to ensuring that you are free to do so, you may be breaching your contract and opening yourself up to law suit. Avoid all of that mess by asking your agent for an early termination of your agreement if you can not resolve your differences.
  3. Ask for a description of the work performed thus far, and any data to support it. Does the realtor have data to show the number of home visits conducted? How about the number of times the virtual tour has been clicked on through YouTube or via other media outlets? What is planned for the next month?
  4. Talk to Your Agent’s Broker – Maybe your agent just isn’t familiar with how to market your property properly and needs some more coaching from their broker. A solid well experienced broker will gladly pitch in to keep you as a client. Remember, the listing is with the broker and not the agent.
  5. ┬áDo some investigative digging yourself. Is your home coming up as a “Regular Listing” or “Featured Listing” in your local MLS? YouTube? Craigslist? ListHub? Zillow? Realtor.com? or Trulia? Being a regular listing receives less visibility as the weeks go on. Being a featured listing keeps your home “Top of Mind” when that area is searched. If your realtor has not marketed your home as a “Featured Listing”, then maybe you need to ask him to elevate the spend on your home. Remember, if you negotiated a lower than average commission rate, then maybe you are getting what you paid for. He may want to renegotiate the commission.

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