I recently showed a very beautiful home to some prospective buyers with an interesting challenge not seen in the MLS photos. My clients would have broken out the check book then and there if the house across the street was not a total blight to the entire neighborhood. I am sure that my clients were not the only ones scared to move to that house because of who would be their neighbor. If I were the listing agent I would have suggested to the seller that he have someone take care of their yard for them while he tried to sell his home. Maybe they would have listened? Maybe they would have been so embarrased that they decided to clean it themselves? I am not really sure, but I would have taken my chances and made it seem like, “Hey, I’m having a crew come over to my house to do some landscaping and the guy owes me some worktime and flowers, would you like for my workers to work on your yard for free?” The house sat on the market for over 90 days before selling below it’s asking price. The cost of a yard team and flowers would have been a lot cheaper than the 3 months of mortgage and fixed expenses associated with owning a home.