(Pg. 1) Today I’m sad, because my house didn’t sell, “I don’t understand it!” Is what I yelled.

(Pg.2) My realtor came by and yanked her sign, she told me again “I don’t waste time”.

(Pg.3) I didn’t care, it was all her fault, another will come after one call.

(pg.4) Knock, Knock, Knock I rushed to the door. It was another Realtor ready to score.

(Pg.5) He came in and looked around, clearly impressed with what he had found.

(Pg.6) “Mr. Seller, I am really impressed, it seems you’ve worked hard to show your best. I can see that you’ve patched up the carpet, with a color that’s close, and you’ve painted the rooms with the color you love most. Your taste in art is clearly unique, and you’ve got some really fancy different antiques”.

(Pg.7) “I am so happy, you came through my door. I knew you’d be different than the other’s before. They didn’t understand. My house is an expression of me!” The seller he said with words of glee.

(Pg.8) “Oh! I understand, you are a person of unique taste and charm, people like you don’t grow on a farm. Do you think that everyone loves a bright purple house?

(Pg.9) “No, Not at all!” he shouted out loud. I find most people like bland and boring, I couldn’t do that, I’m not a fan of the snoring!”

(Pg. 10) “Well what about your carpet, it’s creatively patchy. It looks like a quilt, all bumpy and unmatchy.”

(Pg. 11) “Again, I find that people just don’t get it, it’s an expression of me, they will love it, if they let it!”

(Pg.12)    “And your furniture? Is it going to stay? Or will you take it with you to another happy place?” I’m sure if you show it, they will want it as well. It’s clearly your style, I can tell.”

(Pg.13) “What?” The seller he gasped. “I want to keep it forever! Yes, forever and past. I will remove the temptation! I don’t want it haunted. Now they will only want the house!  Yes! That’s what I wanted.”

(Pg. 14) Now, onto this carpet, it’s truly enough. Maybe we can replace… just this much? If you took it with you, you could reinstall it…it will complete the package with your stuff? You call it!

(Pg.15) The seller stood and said “Yes, it should go. I will take it with me to my new home. Only I can love it the way Intended…after all, I had it mended.

(Pg.14) The realtor stood up and said “That’s a plan! That’s what we think! We can change this place bland.

(Pg.15) Workers came in and worked through the night…the very next day the house was bright. Bright with newness and not so bold…the realtor exclaimed “Now it can be SOLD”.

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